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Has your car lost its shine? Is it covered in scratches that you don’t even remember getting? Do you have areas that have rusted over and are now at risk of causing real damage to your car? Or perhaps you’ve been in a bad car crash and need some repairs that won’t take ages to complete? Here at Faz Design we over our clients a quality spray painting service for small and large scratches.

With over 12 years in the automotive industry, we provide our clients with detailed workmanship and vast industry knowledge and experience ensuring that their repairs are truly satisfactory and meet all of their expectations.

We offer oven baked spray painting which is more durable than traditional forms of spray paint. With oven baked spray painting the paint will dry instantly and the environment in which your vehicle is spray is dust free. The result is a finish that looks like it just came out of the factory.

More about our Company

More about our Company

We are MSA and QVR approved and certified and our services are priced very competitively. We offer a number of different finishes including the classic glossy finish and the more contemporary matt finish for those drivers looking for something a bit different. We can also offer a polish and valeting service for those looking for ultimate convenience.

We are known for our excellent panel beating service and also offer services such as plastic and metal welding,full kit replacements, windscreen removal and replacement and bumper arrangements. We also offer a custom fibre works service where we can build and customise bumpers,side skirts, arches and more.

Contact us today and we start working on your quote. Give your car a little brush-up and restore its original lustre.We are always happy to help our clients and offer a fast and efficient service.

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We offer a quality oven spray painting service that restores vehicles to that factory finish look in both matt and glossy finishes and we're MSA and QVR certified. We also offer a panel beating service to restore and fix the damaged body of vehicles.

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